Pro-big gov’t Republican wants us to report miscarriages

Were you longing for fresh news of the Georgia state rep who wants to describe rape victims as accusers?  He wants your attention so badly, else why would he now propose a bill to the Georgia assembly which includes a proviso that women report miscarriages  (see Section 2.14) and volunteer to be investigated as to whether or not they caused their miscarriages?

(a) A report of spontaneous fetal death for each spontaneous fetal death which occurs in this state shall be filed with the local registrar of the county in which the delivery occurred within 72 hours after such delivery in accordance with this Code section unless the place of fetal death is unknown, in which case a fetal death certificate shall be filed in the county in which the dead fetus was found within 72 hours after such occurrence.

Subsection (3) is especially charming:

When a spontaneous fetal death required to be reported by this Code section occurs without medical attendance at or immediately after the delivery or when inquiry is required by Article 2 of Chapter 16 of Title 45, the ‘Georgia Death Investigation Act,’ the proper investigating official shall investigate the cause of fetal death and shall prepare and file the report within 30 days…

Perhaps you already heard something about this, and thought it must surely be an exaggeration; after all, no anti-Big Government conservative would seek such a phenomenal expansion of government into individuals’ private lives.  And imagine the expense!

But possibly it is a sneaky jobs-creation bill, because imagine the Traumatized Women Investigation Taskforce (TWIT) it would require establishing!  I for one, look forward eagerly to his forthcoming proposal to have every woman in Georgia report their every menstruation, just in case it contains a zygote.  The city of Atlanta alone would keep investigators of those nefarious women so busy!  And who’s to say women don’t do something to bring their periods on!

(I know, it’s just one state rep in Georgia whose bill will likely never pass.  I’m just obeying his bid for fame, but I also want to remain vigilant.  If this guy ever runs for president, then this material is comedy gold.)

13 thoughts on “Pro-big gov’t Republican wants us to report miscarriages

  1. I love it! It’s always seemed to me inconsistent that the pro-lifers didn’t seem to care about the millions and millions of “innocent babies” (according to their logic) that get flushed away each year through spontaneous abortions. Seeing their conclusion that every fetus is a human baby put into action might reveal the premises for what they are which is, among other things, inconsistent with a reasonable moral view.

  2. jj: nor do they care about the babies once they are born, or any other humans that are not fetuses (except, of course, themselves).

  3. j, agreed, most sadly. One might think the pro-life movement is really about something else. Could it be controlling women?

  4. Perhaps I first saw this cartoon here, but either way, worth a reminder. Mikhaela Reid’s fabulous “Egg Rescue Squad” cartoon … a world in which our used tampons will have to be submitted to the ERS (aka GOP?) for inspection, just in case …

  5. Captiver, Great cartoon. It is such fun when we follow out the logical consequences. Maybe there should be a law about used tampons. At least surely they should be examined so we can determine which have the corpses of innocent babies on them. Then we can try post mortum baptisms and proper funerals, with little white tampon sized caskets.

    It could help with unemployment … Actually, I think maybe I should stop here, if not before.

  6. big has a good post on this… “There are so many levels of misogyny in this bill that it’s hard to dissect out the various threads of woman-hating. The idea of sending police to interrogate grieving women who have miscarried should horrify anyone. Especially coming from a guy who argues that driver’s licenses constitute an infringement of constitutional rights.

    The bill would also more or less suspend the presumption of innocence to women who lose pregnancies. If a woman failed to carry a pregnancy to term, in accordance with her divinely ordained role, the onus would be on her to satisfy the state that she didn’t deliberately kill it.

    This bill about as practical as Franklin’s earlier bid to make Georgians pay their state taxes in gold and silver coins, as he believes the Constitution requires.”

  7. The language you are citing is already part of Georgia law. The proposed bill does nothing to affect this.

  8. This assclown (that’s a technical term) apparently introduces bills like this every year to play to his equally assclownish (ditto) base. This isn’t representative even of Georgia, much less the US, thankfully.

  9. Check out the ‘periods for pence’ campaign, initiated as a response to very similar attempt by yes, the future vice president.

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