Launching March 8, 2011, and you don’t have to spend dollars you don’t have, if you are simply interested in noting your support:

ww4w sells words – books, articles, speeches, poems – and uses the funds to empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries through microcredit loans.

See the About page for the fuller details, but I excerpt for your convenience the author-editor’s explanation of “how it will work:”

  • Every purchase from the WW4W online bookstore will generate funds that will go to a portfolio of microcredit loans to women entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • I will select a number of women entrepreneurs registered with Kiva.org to begin our philanthropy.
  • The money that is raised by the sale of words will go to these women.
  • I will administer the portfolio, at least in the early stages, but every part of the exchange will be transparently available for scrutiny on the WW4W website.
  • You will be able to track the money raised from the sales of words, the loans made to women entrepreneurs (together with details of their business projects), the progress of the businesses, and – in due course – the repayment of the loans.

That is the idea.

Good luck, Anne Summers!