Ohh, keep caring AFTER a U.S. citizen is born?

Why, we were just talking about this on this blog!  It does seem, does it not, that some Republican politicans in the U.S. care tremendously about displays of pro-lifeyness which include grandiosely stripping Planned Parenthood of aid (which could contribute to preventing pregnancies, but whatever).  They don’t seem to fret quite as much about helping along the ascendency of the U.S. to become the #1 country for infant mortality rates (among the 33 countries that the International Monetary Fund describes as “advanced economies”).

2 thoughts on “Ohh, keep caring AFTER a U.S. citizen is born?

  1. Right – save the fetus, but not the child (or mother). What in the heck is “pro-life” about that??? ggrrrrrrr

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