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From Alison Bailey (a message sent to various mailing lists):

Ann Garry and I have just agreed to co-edit the “Feminist Philosophy” area for PhilPapers and we need your assistance to help grow this database and increase the visibility of feminist philosophy.
We believe this is an excellent opportunity to promote feminist scholarship in the discipline. PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophical articles and books by academic philosophers. The site receives about 10,000 visits per day, and there are over 20,000 registered PhilPapers users.

In the next few months we will be re-organizing and expanding the categories listed under the Feminist Philosophy category, and doing our best to populate each category with new articles, book chapters, bookreviews, books, etc. We are particularly interested in increasing the visibility of feminist scholarship by groups that are underrepresented and marginalized within the discipline.

The representation of feminist works in PhilPapers is only as good as the papers that people post and submit. For this reason we encourage each of you to create a PhilPapers account, browse the site, and to upload your work if it’s not already there. To get started and to set up a PhilPapers user account please go here.

One thought on “Upload your work to Phil Papers!

  1. Let me add that PhilPapers is overall an excellent project, a totally open database of philosophy papers, which survives exclusively from the voluntary efforts of those involved (in particular the two main editors, Chalmers and Bourget). The project is always in need of new hands, in particular as many categories are still lacking editors; I’ve talked about this here:


    So besides uploading your own papers, there is more you can do within the project, in particular considering applying to be area editor in your field of expertise.

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