Disney on Menstruation, 1946

I just came across this on the one hand endearing and helpful and on the other hand rather ickily normative Disney movie.

The Story of Menstruation is a 1946 10-minute animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1946.
It was commissioned by the International Cello-Cotton Company (now Kimberly-Clark) and was shown to approximately 105 million American students in health education classes.

I mean, Carrie would have felt better for having seen this, surely, but oy! the admonitions to eat healthy and not get colds, or even worse: to look nice and stop feeling sorry for yourself, do grate the contemporary nerves.


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4 thoughts on “Disney on Menstruation, 1946

  1. This is simply overwhelming, but I think the dog may be a key and subtle clue. Can you get pregnant from hugging your dog?

  2. actually – although I obviously don’t like some of the messages, I am surprised at how accurate and reasonable this for something that was produced in 1946!

  3. Probably a good step forward at the time. But, yes, there’s a serious normalizing message here. A certain, shall we say, curtailing that just don’t jive.

  4. I’m glad that in modern times the health advice we get is no longer stridently normative.

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