GCC: “seeking genuine exchange”…..

But not, apparently, with women.

The conference announced below wants to engage leading utilitarians and Christian thinkers on, amongst others, the topic of abortion. In itself a worthy goal, but it makes the complete absence of women amongst the ten speakers (even more) chilling.

A letter has been sent, and if I get any replies I will keep you posted.


Utilitarians & Christians in Dialogue

Peter Singer is one of the world’s best-known, and also most controversial, moral philosophers. He represents a school of utilitarian ethics that is increasingly influential among policy-makers, academics, and the general public, on issues such as global poverty, euthanasia, the treatment of animals, and abortion. His positions intentionally challenge traditional ethical norms, especially those arising from religious perspectives, such as the sanctity of life and human rights. Unfortunately, much of the response from religious thinkers has been combative and hostile. This conference seeks to create a genuine exchange between these perspectives that have, so far, been at odds. Sessions will explore the place of consequentialism in history, sanctity of life, climate change, global poverty, abortion, and the treatment of animals. Speakers include Peter Singer, John Hare, Eric Gregory, John Haldane, Julian Savulescu, and others.

The conference runs 19-20 May, and registration is now open. Registrations will be processed in the order received by post or University messenger.

Please see http://mcdonaldcentre.org.uk/peter-singer-conference/ for full details.

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