New resource for PhD applicants, and query

From a reader:

I contacted FP a couple of times before about advice on applying to grad school (and thanks again!) but now that I’m almost completely through the process, I thought it would be helpful to create a central location for resources for applicants. I’ve started putting it together here.

I’m obviously still working on putting this together, but I realized that I don’t know of any particular resources for students of color. I’m wondering if there are any? I know that the information about programs that are friendly to women was immensely helpful to me. One of the programs that was suggested on your blog in response to my query was one that I would not have otherwise applied to, and it likely that I will accept their offer of admission. So I was hoping there might be something out there that I’m not aware of?

3 thoughts on “New resource for PhD applicants, and query

  1. Thanks profbigk! Sorry I wasn’t more clear in my request– I was thinking of stuff like the schools friendly to women and feminist philosophy. I know a lot of female students have found that helpful, and I was wondering if there’s anything like that. Or whatever else people might think is helpful.

  2. So glad you find the efforts to identify women-friendly and feminist-supportive programs helpful! This does my heart good, to know that the efforts of hard-working women can succeed.

    You’ll notice that the CBW’s links page identifies just two selected grad programs: Memphis and Penn State. No one centralized source offers a list of diversity-achieving or philosophy-of-race supportive schools, which is perhaps part of the reason that requests for Leiter’s Gourmet report to attend to this have increased.

    But I know that even as I type this, efforts to offer such centralized sources of information go forth in a few different places. And since FP is a good place to start, I should add that were we to make such a list, I would suggest putting U Oregon on the list of PhD programs, and Tufts, of course, on a list of Master’s programs.

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