New Model Gendered Conference Campaign

We’re trying out a new model for the Gendered Conference Campaign. The goal is to keep the focus very clearly on the systematicity of the phenomenon. Our posts in the past often got sidetracked into discussions of blame or absolution for particular conference organisers. We found this frustrating, as it was a misunderstanding of what we wanted to accomplish. The new campaign page is here. We’ll still be doing individual posts about conferences, and linking them to the campaign page. In fact, I’ll have a few coming out very shortly.

8 thoughts on “New Model Gendered Conference Campaign

  1. (I posted this on the thread of the campaign, but then thought its right place would be here, so apologies for the redundancy!)

    Very nice idea to try this new approach. But just so that it’s clear: will you still be sending letters to conference organizers when it’s a 100% male lineup of speakers? And if yes, has the text been changed so as to reflect the new approach?
    But anyway, I think focus on the *consequences* rather than the *causes* of the phenomenon is likely to have a positive effect.

  2. Maybe it’s a good idea to also link to where you discussed reasons why women sometimes decline invites, along with some line like: conference planners concerned about having a decent representation of women at their conference migh be interested in the discussion here.

    Not sure about the wording, but I was thinking that helping people be a bit more proactive could be useful…. Hope that makes sense

  3. Catarina, I will probably send out a letter notifying conference organisers. I haven’t quite decided yet.

    James– thanks, will check.

    MM– I meant to do that! Will fix now, thanks.

  4. The reason I’m hesitating a bit on the letter issue is that I want to get away from defensive discussions of particular conferences.

  5. Jender, if I may, I’d like to suggest that letters should still be sent, perhaps with a modified text, but still sent. Otherwise, just talking about the all-male conferences here at FP is not likely to have much impact: the people who read this blog are already fully convinced of the cause.

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