5 thoughts on “Padded bikini tops

  1. I’d agree that it’s pretty awful, but the article itself was awful, too, as one would expect from a fox news piece- if something is marketed to an age range, it’s a bit distorting to pick only the youngest part of the range, I think. (This is directed at Fox, not you.) And, the person in the article who suggests that the big problem is that such things will lead to “sexual precosciousness” and “attract predators” also seems to have the wrong idea of what’s wrong, and be designed to encourage unpleasant and often unwarranted fears in parents.

  2. I found my way here from Solar Flare through a connection with Asperger syndrome.

    I don’t think what a little kid does or doesn’t wear matters to adults. Fashion and comfort are the only real factors. Perverts are perverts but the rest of us aren’t going to sexualize a kid period. I don’t think there’s any reason to buy this product. I don’t think there’s any reason to boycott it either.

  3. And whose fault is it all????? The mother’s, of course:

    “I’m slapping the blame on moms for not seeing any further than their own breast implants when it comes to purchasing push-uppers for girls that don’t, as yet, actually have any breasts,” said Shirlee Smith, CEO/Founder of “Talk About Parenting With Shirlee Smith.” “Who is paying for this sexy- kiddie marketing? Mom in the short run, sex object girls in the long run.”

    — For, of course, fathers have nothing to do with how their daughters are raised. Or view themselves. Or value themselves. Nope, nothing at all….


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