Causality and explanation …by the guys: updated

Nancy Cartwright has been added to the keynote speakers!


19-21 September

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University

Blandijnberg 2, Ghent, Belgium

This is the sixth conference in the Causality in the Sciences series of conferences.


Henk de Regt, Daniel Little, Michael Strevens, Mauricio Suarez and James Woodward.

One thought on “Causality and explanation …by the guys: updated

  1. Jesus Christ. the phallus has become causality? really it’s just the preceding condition to the change.

    really, this is science of science and in that sense the unkownness of the predicate (science) determines the meaning of the determinate. the Scien should just continue plucking and presenting concepts WITHOUT contact – but who knows? causality and explanation may be related. i guess, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THAT RELATION. you know, if you want TO DO ANYTHING.

    but this is a gender issue…

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