Italy and strife in North Africa

The recent and ongoing unrest in North Africa, including the civil war in Libya, has led thousands to flee their homes and make for a safe haven. For many, that has been a small island called Lampedusa, off the coast of Sicily. The Italian authorities now have the problem of dealing with these refugees, which – for anyone who knows a bit about the workings of Fortress Europe – is not just a practical issue, but a politically charged matter. The authorities need to act quickly, however, as Amnesty reports that the refugees are existing in appalling conditions. Italy has started to take migrants to the mainland, but communities in the South of Italy are angry that they are bearing the brunt of caring for them. Italian leaders also feel that other European countries are not doing enough to help.

4 thoughts on “Italy and strife in North Africa

  1. What?! Berlusconi doesn’t have this? Carthage just has to have that land. Well, hopefully this’ll work out.

  2. What! Wars have implications! Thanks so much for this sort of reminder.

    Monkey, I’ve been meaning to say something about scooping you on attacks on liberal faculty. The Krugman I link to also have some stuff about the climate change stuff. I think it’s worth a separate blog, if you have the time. The general reliability of the evidence is such a big and important topic, and I think the email thing has cast a very unfortunate cloud over it.

  3. That’s an interesting idea for a post! I watched a really documentary about it the other night – I can’t remember what it was called. But it was a scientist investigating the poor public reception of the evidence, and he picked apart the email stuff. I’m going to be out of blogging action for a while now, but if you don’t get round to it whilst I’m away, I’ll have a go at it when I get back.

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