Little girl lost becomes NYC’s first celebrity snake: UPDATE

She has been found.  She was indeed in the snake house the whole time.



In case you are suffering from 21st Century ennui:

You will have heard about the little cobra – very young and just 20 inches long – who holds the cards in a game with the Bronx Zoo, as its director sees it:

We understand the interest in this story and that everyone wants us to find the missing snake,” James J. Breheny, the zoo’s director, said in the statement. “Right now, it’s the snake’s game. At this point, it’s just like fishing; you put the hook in the water and wait. Our best strategy is patience, allowing her time to come out of hiding.”

“The holding areas of the reptile house are extremely complex environments with pumps, motors and other mechanical systems,” Mr. Breheny said. “In this complex environment, she will likely remain in hiding and not move until she feels completely secure. As her comfort level rises, she will begin to move around the building to seek food and water.”

(Of course, one hopes that not everything in NYC is seen as a power contest, and that the snake’s welfare is really being thought of.)

In the meantime, she has acquired a twitter account and appears to be sampling NY City. The Christian Science Monitor has picked what it considers her best four tweets, which include the following:

Dear NYC, Apples and snakes have gone together since the beginning

A charming graphic in the CSM

Accompanies the following:

“Enjoying a cupcake @magnoliabakery. This is going straight to my hips. Oh, wait. I don’t have hips. Yesss! #snakeonthetown”

The tweet captures an American & too often gendered anxiety.

Finally, for all those discussing this whole episode in terms of what “he” is doing, this one is a she!

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