Feminism’s responsible for gap between rich and poor?

There’s a lively debate on facebook over whether this article on David Willetts’s views is an April Fool’s Day joke. (Quite the statement on the state of political discourse, I think.)

Feminism has set back the cause of social mobility by decades, a senior minister has claimed.
Universities Minister David Willetts said feminist policies had inadvertently halted the improvement in the life chances of working-class men and widened the gap between rich and poor.
He said feminism was the ‘single biggest factor’ in the decline in social mobility since the 1960s, adding: ‘Feminism has trumped egalitarianism.’

One thought on “Feminism’s responsible for gap between rich and poor?

  1. Wow. a description of Feminism as being present in Society. yeah, the history of Feminism has been one of such Dynamism. Presentation of Pragma really AFFECTS, you know when determinations remain ultimately faint. aiming at something like Gender Politics or the Politics of Sexuality. and they hit economic standings. Will Feminism actually respond to this article with a Power critique?

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