New Mary Wollstonecraft Blog!

Reader S writes:

The author, Roberta Wedge, was on Woman’s Hour a couple of weeks ago talking about the Mary on the Green project. Part of what she doing with this blog is trying to gather information relating to missing documents (first edtions, some letters) and to bring together Wollstonecraft scholars and others interested in her life and work.

The blog is A Vindication of the Rights of Mary.

4 thoughts on “New Mary Wollstonecraft Blog!

  1. a Wollstonecraft scholar, that is a deep well of work.

    I was just thinking of Wollstonecraft recently. still not sure the actual relation of Frankenstein to Man, but Frankenstein did manage to be an intellectual…

    Where did I read about a characterization of Science AS Frankenstein? — Lacan.

  2. Thank you for highlighting A Vindication of the Rights of Mary! I was intending to tidy it up before inviting esteemed colleagues to come knocking, but sure, why not. All are welcome. And tomorrow’s post, just for you, is entitled “Modern philosophers engage” [with Mary Wollstonecraft].

  3. Neo-Freudian interpretations of feminist literature work about as well as Creationists’ interpretations of the fossil record.

    Mary Wollstonecraft was a pioneer. She was THE pioneer. I was surprised by how little some of the male students in my SF class understood about A Vindication when the prof mentioned it in our class on Mary Shelley last year. One young man described the work as “angry.” I had to butt into the poor dood’s conversation with a big WTF?

    Please Mr. Bishop, your bishopness, we the purer sex don’t want equality so we can do those bodily things unfortunate men often fall prey to… we only want to improve our minds so we’ll be better smarter parents…please grant us our opportunity to access higher education so we can better serve the Republic by being good Republican mothers and producing good Republican children… I told the kid, THAT was the gyst of it, and how does he read angry into THAT?

    Ok, so I’m not exactly a Wollstonecraft scholar myself. The blog sounds good, tho. I’m going to take a look. If I run into another unenlightened dood in my adventures in english lit, I might just send him over.

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