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OMIGOD: eagles nesting and hatching. April 4, 2011

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It’s almost too much.

The site is here.  On the site you can get a sense of what the fuss is about, and why there have been 11 million views. 

There were three eggs; the third is yet to hatch.


3 Responses to “OMIGOD: eagles nesting and hatching.”

  1. westwood Says:

    I used to follow some barn owls, they are pretty darn adorable.

    Then I realized I should go outside to watch nature.

  2. j Says:

    It is difficult to tear oneself away from this! Yesterday I watched the two adults change places,got a good look at the egg and 2 chicks. One independent chick refused to come in underneath the feathers/body of the new adult. Feisty little character! Finally was enveloped, joining the egg and other chick, after much effort by the adult! When I came back to look I found that dinner had been delivered….take-away dead bird. yummy!

  3. Js Says:

    Ha. Some people do this for a living ;)

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