Defend academic freedom in Malawi

Rachel Cooper writes:

The philosophy department at the University of Malawi is currently in extreme difficulties. Protests at the university started when a political science lecturer was interrogated by police because of topics discussed in class. Since then the lecturers have been on strike, and there are moves to sack the union leaders, and close the university. The protesters in Malawi have gained a court injunction which currently prevents the union leaders being sacked or the university being closed, however this partial success is fragile. I’d be very grateful if you’d consider signing the petition below in their support, and also forwarding this email to any others you know who might be willing to sign it. The purpose of the petition is to ask the Malawian authorities to ensure academic freedom and keep the university open.

You can read about the events in Malawi here and here.

You can sign a petition here.

3 thoughts on “Defend academic freedom in Malawi

  1. Since when is Political Science a branch of Philosophy?

    Surely they must react to the Real intellectual relations of the police, and understand the true depth of this approach.

    Surely the State was affected by the topics, where even if one speaks of the State as a topic and exercises a slandering and EFFACING of it – this is the deepest posture and significance; that it IS Real meaning.

    Thinking of the interaction AS Political Science, i don’t see where the teacher was significant to the State – i don’t see how this attained a Political significance.

  2. Jender – thanks for putting up some posts today. I appreciate Feminist Philosophers.

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