“Archaeologists find gay caveman!!”

Ummm, no. Headline should be more like “Archaeologists find male skeleton buried with some stuff that they take to be typically female, if they’ve correctly identified the stuff, and if they’ve correctly identified the sex of the skeleton.” (Conversations with archaeologists reveal doubt on both scores, based on the evidence cited in the article.) So, at best, “Archaeologists find male skeleton buried in gender-atypical way”. And possibly “Archaeologists pretty sloppy about sexual orientation and gender identity”.

(A little disappointing really: I was wondering what could possibly have told them about sexual orientation. Seems I was right.)

(Thanks, E!)

4 thoughts on ““Archaeologists find gay caveman!!”

  1. Link, if possible?

    Men who like women’s things are probably gay? As though humans are really so simple?

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