Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder

A pregnant woman who attempted suicide by taking rat poison and survived the attempt, gave birth to a baby girl a week later. The rat poison had affected the fetus and the girl died of seizures 4 days after she was born. The mother, who was obviously not in the best mental state to start with, suffered another breakdown and spent a month in a psychiatric ward. After that she tried to pick up her life again, but got arrested and charged with murder and attempted foeticide 3 months after she gave birth. She now faces life imprisonment.

I am speechless. Here‘s the article.

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13 thoughts on “Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder

  1. I’m surprised that they don’t accuse her of terrorism and send her to Guantánamo.

    Whoever is prosecuting her is evil.

  2. What’s worse, my friend works for the district attorney that is bringing the case, and she says that she’s the only one of her coworkers that isn’t wildly in favor of the decision to prosecute this case.

  3. thnx hippocampa,i read.in my opinion the girls or ladies who perform abortion should be punished in the same way.

  4. This seems like a more complex case than one worth Guantánamo jokes.

    Does a woman who is four minutes from giving birth have the right to attempt suicide by stabbing herself (and, incidentally, the fetus)? How about four days? Is rat poison all that different than a stabbing? Does a parent have the right to behave recklessly on the way home from the hospital, assuming he’s only endangering his own life and that of the newborn?

    Alright, my analogies aren’t great, and the specifics of this case (eg. the husband’s culpability) might change things a bit, but I think there are some worthwhile ethical questions here.

  5. The woman in question seems totally desperate, a victim of her non-husband and of a cruel world and needs a warm cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on, not a jail sentence for her admittedly reckless behavior.

    I don’t see what jailing her solves or accomplishes. That’s why I made the obviously ironic comment about Guantánamo.

    If the ethics of anyone needs to be questioned, it’s the ethics of those who are prosecuting her. Maybe they should be tried for first degree heartlessness.

  6. Ravi’s back and they didn’t delete him this time? Well, LunchtimeModerator must have been replaced ;-)

    So, let me first post my disclaimer. I have never read anything in your comments that comes remotely close to my own worldview, Ravi. Then and now, you’ve always sounded like an extremist. And if even a quarter of the ideals you dump on this site were to become law, or even the dominant worldview in my country, I’d declare refugee status and move to Sweden. I’d probably have to, because a system of government like the one you rant for would reduce the world’s breadbasket to ashes within a few generations, were it to become a reality here.

    But that’s why I chose to study social sciences and humanities–to ask why people of differing ideologies, whether harmful or beneficial, chose to embrace those ideologies in the first place.

    So, from what I understand about your worldview, the sex of the baby makes a difference in these cases. Am I correct? Is killing a little girl less offensive to you than killing a little boy?

    And what about honour killings? Why is killing a little girl so different from killing a woman who refuses to dress or speak to her husband in a certain way?

  7. My mistake, Ravi. I just read your homepage. The leaders at your ashram do mention the steps you’re taking for equality. But some of the comments you’ve made on previous posts still strike me as inconsistent with the claims made here.

    Can you give us more about what should be done for the children of women whose lives are so terrible that they wish to die? How is more punishment supposed to help a woman and her child to choose differently?

  8. xena,you have studied social science and humanities,also try to study religion.if i talk about the punishment,it means who are responsible for abortion are worthy of it,her husband,her family members etc etc.the better thing is to give birth the baby and to donate those,who are without children.if any law stops this act,think,one evil on the earth would decrease.where blood comes out is a killing,honour killing…:!i dont know if ur satisfied with any answer.i have written what is reality.

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