Tennesee passes “Don’t say gay” bill

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A Senate committee Wednesday approved a bill that will prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms.

Find reports here and here.

I guess it’s fine to speak of murders and guns and other stuff that kids might have pressing questions about, but oh boy, lets not discuss homosexuality at all cost, who knows what might come of it.

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4 thoughts on “Tennesee passes “Don’t say gay” bill

  1. Because if it isn’t named, it does not exist?

    Or: if you leave the children to figure it out, they’ll get the facts?

  2. I know you will find the following makes infinitely more sense than any of your two “proposals” (charitably so-called): There are things that parents in Tennessee don’t want the schools to be discussing with their younger children. And this is one of them. People are not *quite* as stupid as you would like to believe.

  3. Anonymous, duh! Of course, they don’t want the schools to bedoing this. But there’s lots of evidence about what’s doing on behind the scenes. E.g., the parents are often in denial about the need for any sex education, and without the schools doing it, kids grow up very ignorant and, too often, with diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

    I wasn’t addressing their conscious intentions. I was addressing why they are ignorant of the consequences of their intentions AND what they should know are the consequences of their intentions.

    Or, to put it more clearly, they are behaving as if it will go away or the kids will sort it out.

  4. To be accurate and fair, some parents do address sex education with their kids. I *think* the evidence is that a majority make it really clear that gay people are unacceptable.

    This is a terrible tragedy; people who are taught that some human beings are trash are terribly mained, and the targets of such beliefs are literally in danger, both from self hatred and from the hatred of others.

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