Guantanamo revelations

We already knew this sort of thing went on, but the details are still shocking:

Another prisoner was shipped to the base “because of his general knowledge of activities in the areas of Khowst and Kabul based as a result of his frequent travels through the region as a taxi driver”.

The files also reveal that an al-Jazeera journalist was held at Guantánamo for six years, partly in order to be interrogated about the Arabic news network.

His dossier states that one of the reasons was “to provide information on … the al-Jazeera news network’s training programme, telecommunications equipment, and newsgathering operations in Chechnya, Kosovo and Afghanistan, including the network’s acquisition of a video of UBL [Osama bin Laden] and a subsequent interview with UBL”.

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2 thoughts on “Guantanamo revelations

  1. According to a NY Times report, the “analysts” who decide who goes and who stays in prison have made lots of mistakes and work with a very faulty methodology.

    So they can make arbitary judgments and lock someone up for years. And isn’t that evil?

  2. @jj: It is. And if it were any other country doing it, ours would be all upset and condemn it…..

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