Tenure denial and transgender discrimination

Faculty at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, a public university in Durant, OK, think it has been, and in an act of solidarity are helping a trans colleague grieve her tenure case.

Rachel Tudor, who teaches American and Native American Literature, Modernity and Theory, Humanities, Composition, and Philosophy in the English, Humanities and Languages Department has, according to our informant, “been denied tenure at our university and informed that her employment will be terminated effective May 31, 2011.” Tudor is said to have had overwhelming support from faculty colleagues at every stage of the process because of her outstanding record as a scholar, teacher and colleague. The tenure case has been turned back by the dean and the Vice President for academic affairs.

Professor Tudor’s supporters say that they have compelling evidence that this denial and dismissal are due to discrimination against her for being transgender. In a mess that has gone on for nearly two years, the administration at our university has repeatedly and egregiously violated established policies and procedures. The Faculty Appeals Committee has found in favor of Rachel twice, and the Faculty Senate has passed a resolution in support of her. Meanwhile, the VP for Academic Affairs and the President arbitrarily re-wrote the Academic Policies and Procedures manual in the midst of the process, in order to allow the VP for Business Affairs (!) to overrule the decision of the Faculty Appeals Committee.

For more information, go here.

To sign a petition supporting Dr Turner’s appeal, go here.

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2 thoughts on “Tenure denial and transgender discrimination

  1. I was recently made aware that OSU is discriminating against a trans gender employee and was overcome with pure disgust. I belong to a certain political org. that deals with issues exactly like this routinely, and will be sure to to make this a top priority. Behavior such as this is absolutely unexceptable and will not be tolerated!

  2. Dr. Turner? I thought this was about Tudor? Also, shouldn’t someone get ALL the facts before pointing fingers. This is as crazy as Obama’s birth certificate issue. If you’re open to transgenderness, then you should also be open to looking at BOTH sides (no pun intended) and ALL information.

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