Three Little Girls You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With

(or, ‘with whom you wouldn’t want to mess’?). From YouTube Trends

Lately, we’ve seen an interesting “trend” develop with three separate videos drawing blogger attention in the past few weeks that each feature tough young ladies performing some cool — and very unusual — physical feats.

There’s no true link between the videos themselves, the sole connection — aside from the obvious one — seemings to be our own fascination with their unusual, gender-stereotype-defying interests and abilities. Take a look.

One thought on “Three Little Girls You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With

  1. Outstanding! And I have worked with many female archaeologists who are very skilled in the use of machetes and at least one who was a whiz with a chainsaw! Also, one archaeology graduate student who, as she put it, “drove a freight train” to pay her bills! Awesome women indeed! These little girls are off to a good start!

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