What a Feminist Looks Like

Sally Haslanger writes:

MIT Women’s and Gender Studies has undertaken a campaign to make feminism more visible. Many people accept the basic principles of feminism (anti-sexism!?) but resist the f-word. Our thought is that by showing that feminism is a broad-based movement that includes people of all kinds, we can defuse some of the anxiety about the word and build connections and coalitions more easily.

We began by using International Women’s Day as an occasion to wear a sticker saying “This is what a feminist looks like” and then moved on to photograph members of the MIT community wearing their stickers. You can find it on Facebook.

Our most recent effort was at the MIT Open House celebrating MIT’s 150th anniversary (4/30). We set up a photo booth and offered a tote bag printed with “This is what a feminist looks like at MIT” to anyone who would have their photo taken with a sign saying the same thing. We were busy all day and over 175 people participated. It is an AMAZING display and includes the president of MIT, Susan Hockfield, the Dean of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Deborah Fitzgerald, the former mayor of Cambridge, Denise Simmons, and many many more from around the area and around the world. Find it here.

It’s an absolutely wonderful set of photos– can’t stop looking at them! Go, and enjoy.

It is an important reminder that feminism is a broad-based and much loved movement. Show your feminist pride!

3 thoughts on “What a Feminist Looks Like

  1. And I assume you won’t mind if the idea spreads…I’m sending this off to my uni’s Women’s Studies and others’ in the area.

  2. I love the this idea, and I have tremendous respect for Sally Haslanger’s work. I played an audiotape for my students earlier this semester of an interview in which she defended feminism, and did a terrific job.

    But, I think I will be happier with “what a feminist looks like” photo projects when many more of the folks holding the signs are middle-aged white guys in suits!

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