What Kate “must” now do.

The bad news: 

According to a recent Guardian article, Kate Middleton set a high standard with her wedding dress that she must now meet.  If she fails, she will find her love affair with the British press is at an end.  She will also sorely disappoint the British fashion industry which apparently expect her to be a live advertisement for British style.  Even worse:

Kate’s success and contribution to the British monarchy will now be measured not simply by what she does or says, but on what she wears.

The value of a life depends on the clothes one wears?  A thought or fear too many women can understand, one expects.

The good news comes from the comments on the article.  Many people thought it rubbish.  For example:

– The shallow making vapid comments on the uninteresting and the banal clothes they wear is of no remote interest to any respectable human being capable of any level of coherent logical thought.

–  It’s up to the Duchess. Giving a nod to the fashion industry, wonderful, if she chooses. But we should realize, she isn’t a Barbie doll that we can dress up.

Its not exactly unusual to wear a dress a step up from your usual rags if its, I don’t know, the most important day in your life. Especially if that day is being watched by a third of the human race. Given the couple plan to return to a quiet northen town instead of Paris, I’m guessing ‘Jigsaw frocks and Monsoon jewellery’ [the article’s characterization of her standard style]  might be making a come back.

The people are not buying it.

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  1. Granted, I know very little about Kate, but I suspect (hope) she may have better things to do than worry about such stuff….

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