6 thoughts on “Advice from Marie Curie

  1. So the next time somebody tells me that auditing courses when I don’t have a stable address is pointless, I can drop Noether’s name?

    Nope, scratch that idea. She didn’t get credit for the courses or get paid when she put her expertise to work later. Depressing. Oh well, my education at least gets me some respect from Toronto shelter staff. It wasn’t just the frikkin parochial school I was attending. The entire surrounding county had their heads up their hoops about who’s capable and deserving of what jobs.

    I SO know how it was for those women. That tired little town I just left can party like it’s 1699 till Doomsday for all I care. I’m back in the Big Smoke and back in the 21st century now. Maybe I’ll sneak into some classes at one of the universities here ;-)

  2. While I doubt there are many who can’t identify XKCD on sight, it is still considered polite to provide a link and credit when posting a webcomic.

  3. Jeremy, I doubt it was a lapse in manners that accounts for the lack you notice. Jender is very link challenged; she has a record.. Had I the time right now, I’d put it in, but I just look at this on my way out.

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