Homeless woman “steals education” for her son

Tanya McDowell is homeless, but wanted to enroll her son in kindergarten. (The nerve!) Now she’s being charged with “stealing education” for him, because in order to enroll him she claimed an address that she didn’t have (because, being homeless, she had no address). For more, go here. To sign a petition in support of her, go here.

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5 thoughts on “Homeless woman “steals education” for her son

  1. I thought the right to primary education was universal (well, for all citizens, at least), even in the States. If that’s the case, then I wonder how that factors (or will factor) into in this case. I certainly didn’t expect it to be tied to land ownership or wealth. WTF is wrong with people? Forget about ‘wanting the best for your child’ for a moment–what the hell are the homeless *supposed* to do to ensure their children have access to this basic right in the first place? What about families who must squat: are they, too, illegally enrolling their children because they neither own nor rent the premises?

  2. Yeah, last I checked, everyone had a Constitutional right to an education. This includes homeless kids–the article points out that federal laws were changed to allow homeless kids to attend school.

    It’s sad enough that this poor woman is being persecuted for trying to exercise her basic rights, and uphold the law that says kids of a certain age should be in school.

    It’s even sadder that it’s not the first time it’s happened. There’s another story (check the article for links) about ANOTHER homeless lady who’s in jail awaiting trial.

    I ask you.

  3. Homeless people are expected to hand themselves over to the church-run homeless shelters for Incubus Purging, Michel. They’re not allowed to squat. Homeless people are also expected to hand their children over to Child Protection Agencies for Incubus Purging by shock therapy, large doses of thorazine, and anal rape.

    I had similar problems with my campus police when I decided that computer labs and hideyholes on campus were safer and cleaner than the shelter they kept trying to force me to stay in. I saw 2 people die in that place, and the drug paraphernelia all over the shelter was a risk to my health. I WILL NOT die of AIDS or knife wounds so some fucking libertarian can be smug about keeping me in my place. It didn’t matter that I was still living on OSAP and I’d paid my tuition. The kids who stayed in Res were allowed to fall asleep in student lounges at school. I was not allowed, because I was homeless.

    I just consider myself lucky that nobody decided to look into the address I used on my student loan forms. I could face similar charges for all of the lying and breakins I’m guilty of since the incompetent bureaucrats who screwed up my life got me tossed out of the home I lived in for 8 years. I was houseless from August of ’09 until May of last year. Then the greedy subletter I rented from gave me a hard time last August. I’m still homeless.

    A Police Foundations student I know just told me about a loophole in Ontario law, that covers most minor offences. In a pinch I could fight a B&E or tresspass charge by arguing that my life would have been in danger had I done otherwise. That’s always good to know. I think the campus police were only enforcing regulations that were put in place to prevent lawsuits over rape anyway. There are a lot of creeps at my school.

    Trust me, people are constantly looking for excuses to arrest homeless people and take their children. When the authorities call homeless people ‘thieves’, they actually believe the accusations they’re spewing, because they know as well as we do that it’s only a matter of time before homelessness creates self-fulfilling stereotypes. Except they put the blame on the homeless person him/herself, not the systemic injustice that drives us out of our homes in the first place.

    When somebody tells me to “get a job” I usually rattle off a verbal resume, emphasizing my hotel housekeeping experience. But of course they don’t want to pay a homeless person $10 and change/hour to clean their houses. We might steal something. So I usually say “So gimme your job. I bet I’m more qualified than you are.” That’s usually when they try to pull the “slut” card. Then the exhausting round of formulaic rhetoric spewing ensues, and the poorbasher goes away angrier than ever. There are members of my extended family who don’t grasp just how often I have this argument with people while I’m out and about, or how annoying it is. People in the community are not trying to tell me I’m an embarassment, like my family is. People in the community are trying to tell me it’s their right to force me to earn my keep for the taxes they pay to support me. In their view, forcing me to earn my keep includes forcing sex on me. Things get VERY ugly then. My family members and I have had to agree to keep the topic off-limits.

    I only wonder how long it will be before I’m forced to kill in self-defense, or die in the attempt. And what follows from that? Wrongful disposal of a corpse? Theft under? Theft over/auto? The big Thelma and Louise ending?

    I suspect the lady’s ‘theft’ charge is in accordance with the laws in her state. There are some VILE laws on the books, where homeless people are concerned. That DOES NOT make the laws ethical. YOU BET I’m signing that petition!

  4. Oops. Michel’s was the only comment up when I started typing. I guess I should address this to all of the commenters, now.

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