SGRP Symposium on Autonomy

Catriona Mackenzie and Jacqui Poltera, 2010. “Narrative Integration, Fragmented Selves and Autonomy.” Hypatia 25(1): 31-54, and

Andrea C. Westlund, 2009. “Rethinking Relational Autonomy.” Hypatia 24(4): 26-49.

Commentaries are by: Paul Benson (University of Dayton); John Christman (Pennsylvania State University); James Rocha (Louisiana State University); and Natalie Stoljar (McGill University), with replies by Mackenzie and Poltera, and Westlund.

Have a look, and join in the discussion! (Longtime readers like me might be confused by the fact that the link goes to the SGRP blog. But that’s where it should go– all symposia are now on the blog.)