Men discussing Wittgenstein

Ten of them!

June 2-4 WITTGENSTEIN and the Ethical, the Literary and the Unsayable

Michel Chaouli (Indiana University)
James Conant (University of Chicago)
Michael Fried (Johns Hopkins University)
Martin Gustafsson (Åbo Academy)
Michael Kremer (University of Chicago)
Christoph König (Universität Osnabrück)
Ray Monk (University of Southampton)
Jean-Philippe Narboux (University of Bordeux III)
Joachim Schulte (Universität Zürich)
David Wellbery (University of Chicago)

Thanks, N!

5 thoughts on “Men discussing Wittgenstein

  1. Ten guys going on about what should be consigned to silence. I think that somehow they have missed the point before they started. Wittgenstein would be disgusted. Maybe they invited some women who had more sense than to participate.

  2. Does someon from the FP blog notify the organizers of the conferences that get listed here? I looked at the website and had the exact same reaction sgssgssgs did above–even the session chairs are all men! (at least from what I can tell, based on the names listed on the full program). I almost just e-mailed the organizer myself, but I thought a somewhat more official notice from the Gendered Conference campaign might be more effective. (And thanks for your work in collecting and posting info like this–it’s pretty surprising that there are *still* conferences that include no women.)

  3. Yes, we do write a nice letter of inquiry that invites them to discuss the issues here.r

  4. I also saw the program for this conference and was struck by the fact that there are apparently no women participating. Given that there are any number of women, at different professional levels, working in the relevant area, this conference could easily have been richly inclusive. Thanks so much for the posting!

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