2 milllion hits

UPDATE: Something I should have said below.  It was just a few of us who started this blog, and we never expected to be joined by such an awesome and far-flung team of bloggers.  That’s definitely one of the best things.  That and the awesome far-flung readers.

Sometime this week, we’ll get our two millionth hit.  It seemed to us a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come.  When I started this blog, I didn’t actually expect much of anyone to read it.  I certainly never expected that we’d become one of the top philosophy blogs.  But that’s not what’s pleased me most.  What are the things that have pleased me most?

What have the biggest downsides been?  Well, there are always the trolls and their charming view of feminists, but we just delete ’em.  Then there are all the people who want to tell us what size women they most like to have sex with.  I guess I’m pretty bored with that.

But enough about me.  How about you?

17 thoughts on “2 milllion hits

  1. My favorite aspect of the site is keeping me informed of feminist-related news from around the world. New about women and their trials reminds me that there are a ways to go before we reach a truly egalitarian world, or at least a facsimile thereof.

    Oh yeah, first.

  2. It’s now 11:30 or so EST on the 26th; to judge by the stats, we’ll be at two million in one or two hours.

  3. We’ve crossed the two million mark, a pleasure to see.

    Silly as it sounds, one of my favorite aspects has been the sight of refs to this blog in colleague’s newsfeeds on facebook. It’s great to know we offer food for thought delicious enough that philosophers feel the urge to share it with others!

    As an American, I’ve also enjoyed the UK roots of this blog, an aspect we don’t often celebrate, but one I value.

    But my favorite aspect has to be the word FEMINIST at the top of the page!

  4. Congrats on the 2000000th mile marker. That is super impressive! (and I’m really tickled to have been involved in one of the things that pleased you the most!) Go FPers!

  5. Congratulations!

    I read a range of feminist blogs, and yours is one of my favorite–as an academic in an interdisciplinary department including philosophy (we’ve barely managed to hang on to it as a minor, and it’s increasingly hard to staff with the soft hiring freeze) who does critical theory, this site is very important to me as well.

  6. Congrats! Great blog. You address feminist issues from a very nice analytical/philosophical perspective.

  7. I’m very grateful for “Feminist Philosophers”. I learn a tremendous amount from it; I refer my students to it; and it is a beacon of sanity and hope in a field that is sometimes (often?) not friendly to minority-group members of all types.

  8. (Alpha, after something of a nightmare week, I hope to get to your important comments on the Shunning post sometime soon.)

    It is for me, and apparently many others, depressing to find oneself in a bad situation over which one has no control and indeed no say. I think writing for this blog has overall cheered me up quite a bit!

    And I learn a great deal from other posts and from comments. I’m grateful to the community who have been contributing in different ways. Well, minus the trolls.

  9. The irony of taking credit for promoting the “donate to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name” campaign and simultaneously for unsnarkiness is not lost. But I kid. Two million hits is indeed a worthy accomplishment. Anyone who’s ever adminned a blog will particularly understand the breadth and depth of the connections that have to be forged with readers in order to come anywhere close to that. Like the old phone company slogan says, the FP blog is reaching out and touching [many] someone[s].

  10. I think at some point we decided it was ok to poke fun (sometimes) at public figures who wouldn’t be stopping by here.

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