6 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat sends birthday greetings to Maru

  1. David, why is that Pharyngula guy trying to tell us that picture of exotic food is cuter than a cat? That’s not something you cuddle, it’s something you smother in butter, break in half, and suck out of its shell. After you boil it alive, of course.

    *Yes, that boiling shellfish alive thing always made me wince. Why do they have to be so durn tasty that way?

  2. Myer’s posts are sometimes/often facetious, at least partly. If directed at this blog, he might have begun his post by asking what videos of cats are doing on a feminist philosophers blog every weekend? Along with the spirit of his possibly jocular sarcasm, Myers is not known to shy away from (trying to…) promote science education and science fascination in his posts/blog.

    As I indicated in my comment above, Myers post contains an alternative point of view. As indicated in this comment, Myer’s post, I think, contains a facetious criticism of many blogs such as this one. I happen to love dogs. Should I start posting videos of wonderful, beautiful, cute dogs every Wednesday on this blog, Myers’ might ask me? And what about the people who are fascinated with birds? How about bird video posts for Tuesdays? And so on. With a bit more seriousness, several times I almost posted on this blog about Shreve Stockton and some of the truly beautiful stories and pictures about her cows (and other farm family members) from her blog honeyrockdawn (and before that, her website dailycoyote).

    Hope this clears some of it up. (In some other words, I bet that Myers has nothing at all against cats or wonderful cat videos. Nonetheless, I suspect that part of his post was sincere, as I try to indicate above in this comment.)

  3. I know, I was being silly, too. There is an interesting philosophical discussion in there, tho. We could get into all kinds of neat stuff about Aristotelian pecking orders, anthropomorphizing cute things and torturing things that look weird and alien, mother love and mammalian bonding with creatures that almost look like human infants. And let’s not forget Geertz and his “Don’t Put Anything That Looks Like A Booger in Your Body” thesis.

    Or we could just type: Ican has kuddlyest buddeez! >.<

  4. Silliness acknowledged, though I respectfully assure you that Myers is both well aware of the neat stuff you mention and that he purposively wrote this post content precisely with such stuff in mind. Although I agree that it is indeed neat, I also hope we can see and understand Myers post (especially given his background and many of the central themes of his blog) in light of this neatness.

    By the way, just a few posts before the one in question, readers of this blog might want to check out these posts from Myers:

    I remember 1966, but my memory of 1999 seems to be all wrong

    Abortion needs to be taught in our medical schools

  5. Those were both good posts. I’ve read pharyngula a few times. I stumbled across it through a blog roll on one of the atheist sites. I’m pretty sure it was blaghag, but it may have been Hermant the friendly atheist.

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