Fellowship for junior women philosophers

See the following announcement and consider applying or at least looking.  I never know what such announcements mean by “young,” which is a tricky thing in academia.  Still, fellowships are good!  This is a fellowship which began last year, as previously announced.

Via Sally Haslanger:

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 National Humanities Center Offers Fellowship for Young Women in Philosophy

 The National Humanities Center has endowed a fellowship in philosophy in memory of the late Philip Quinn. It will be awarded to young women in philosophy, preferably untenured assistant professors. The first award has been for the academic year 2011-12, and the fellowship will be awarded annually thereafter. The fellowship will support a year in residence at the National Humanities Center with a fellowship stipend of $50,000 plus travel expenses. The application deadline is October 15, 2011.

 Applicants should submit the Center’s standard form, available online at nationalhumanitiescenter.org/fellowships/appltoc.htm   .  Candidates eligible for the Quinn Fellowship will automatically be considered. For the purposes of this fellowship the Center will waive its normal expectation that recent Ph.D.s not be revising dissertations.

(For further information see also the News Release on the Quinn Fellowship from 2010.  Apparently Susanne Sreedhar was the awardee in the first year of the fellowship (Philosophy, Boston University), Gender and Contract in Early Modern Philosophy.)