Men talk about global justice in Italy…

It’s good to know that men are talking about global justice. It’d be even better if some women had been invited to join the conversation…

Global Justice, Private Morality and Utilitarian Perspectives
Ore 09:30, LUISS Guido Carli – Viale Pola, 12

Monday June 20th, LUISS Guido Carli Sala del Consiglio, viale Pola 12

9:30 Introduction – Sebastiano Maffettone

Chair: Mario De Caro

9:45 Global Relations, Sympathy and Virtue Utilitarianism – Eugenio Lecaldano

10:20 Discussion

10:40 Coffee break

10:55 J.S. Mill, Utilitarianism, and the Project of a Critical Liberalism – PPiergiorgio Donatelli

11:35 Discussion

11:55 Reproducing Less to Produce the Best: A Proposal in Population Policy – Marcello Di Paola, Gianfranco Pellegrino

12:35 Discussion

12:55 Lunch

Monday June 20, Auditorium Unicef Italia, via Palestro 68

15:30 Panel on The Life You Can Save (2009)

Chair: Gianfranco Pellegrino

Discussants: Mario De Caro, Alessandro Ferrara, Eugenio Lecaldano, Sebastiano Maffettone, Raffaele Marchetti, David Rasmussen, Mario Ricciardi


19:00 Introduction – Aurelio Regina

19:15 Philanthropy and Global Poverty – Peter Singer

19:45 Conclusions – Massimo Egidi

20: 00 Final remarks – Vincenzo Spadafora

20: 30 Cocktail

Tuesday June 21, Sala del Consiglio, viale Pola 12

Chair: Raffaele Marchetti

10:00 Jeremy Bentham on Christianity and Sex – Peter Schofield

10:40 Discussants – Lorenzo Greco, Domenico Melidoro

11:10 Answers

11:30 Discussion

11:50 Coffee break

12:10 Legal Rights as Claims: A Consequentialist Perspective – Francesco Ferraro

12:50 Discussion