10 thoughts on “The sunday cat shows an advert

  1. I let my kitten use one of these games for cats on my iPad. Big mistake. Now she attacks it when I’m trying to read. Don’t fall for it!

  2. Has anyone tried Kitty Caps http://www.amazon.com/Kitty-Caps-Medium-White-Glitter/dp/B003ZFTIS2 that you glue onto their claws? I got these as a present for a friend who is not experienced with cats and is disturbed because her kitten SCRATCHES. But I’m skeptical about whether its feasible to actually get these things installed on the cat. As we all know cats are SERIOUS: I was told at my vet’s that it takes at 2 people to bathe a cat, and even then its not easy.

  3. As it turns out, one of my cats doesn’t get it, and the other has given the fishy one an F. As he points out, if you lean heavily on a fish, you do not want it to disappear. You want to get it in your mouth. Duh!

    HEB, we don’t know anything about the caps. I’d try wrapping the cat tightly in a towel first. That works with pills about a third of the time.

  4. The thing I really mind is seeing the cat sweetly tucked up in a towel and knowing they’re calculating the costs and benefits of full resistence.

  5. Here’s what I don’t understand about these games–While playing, wouldn’t the cat have her claws out (some of the time) in order to catch the “fish”? And wouldn’t they scratch the screen? In fact, cats who have made their home with me would be more than capable of puncturing the screen, I would think. What kind of condition is the IPad in after the felines are bored with it?

  6. About the glass: Apple uses some sort of very tough glass for all their handheld devices. The ipad (or at least the first version, which is what I have) is also coated with something. That said, I do cover the glass with a protector when the cats are at play.

  7. re pilling cats: (I assume you are right handed, change hands if not) put a bandaid or 2 on your right index finger up to the second knuckle from tip. kneel on the floor and sit on your heels, then pull the cat down and in to trap between your legs – head out at your knees of course (and not on its back). Dip the pill throughly in butter. Pinch back of jaws to pry them open with left hand (from below, so you can also lift head with that hand), stuff pill into mouth with right, pushing pill to back of mouth with previously bandaged right index finger. clamp jaws shut, tilt head up and massage throat from front to back to make it swallow. (Prepare to duck when it spits the pill out of the cheek pouch and storms off.) Seriously, this technique was developed over many years of trial and error… the key is putting the bandage where you will be bitten *before* you are bitten rather than after! and the butter, of course! Cat may be so distracted licking butter off its muzzle and lips that it will forget about the indignity of it all…
    As for the iPad game? our hunting cats would have found it meaningless – can’t eat it, why bother….bring on a real live mouse or chipmonk….

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