10 keynotes, no women

Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy: SOPhiA 2011
September 8-10, 2011
Department of Philosophy (Humanities), University of Salzburg,
Franziskanergasse 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Extended Deadline: June 21 2011

Students and doctoral candidates (pre-doc) of philosophy are hereby
encouraged to submit an abstract on any philosophical topic (applied methods
should stand in the tradition of Analytic Philosophy). The abstract should
not exceed 2000 characters and should be written in German or English
without indication of the author; it should be suitable for a presentation
of approximately 20 minutes in length. Please submit your abstract with a
bibliographical note of yourself and a short CV attached in a separate
document at http://www.sophia-conference.org/ until June 21 2011.

Keynote Speakers:
– Norbert Gratzl (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)
– Heinrich Ganthaler (University of Salzburg)
– Norbert Hoerster (Mainz)
– Reinhard Kleinknecht (University of Salzburg)
– Edgar Morscher (University of Salzburg)
– C. Ulises Moulines (LMU Munich)
– Hans Rott (University of Regensburg)
– Olivier Roy (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)
– Gerhard Schurz (University of Duesseldorf)
– Clemens Sedmak (King’s College London)

Thanks, BTPS!

5 thoughts on “10 keynotes, no women

  1. How can you have 10 keynotes? I think this would produce some serious disharmony. And in Mozart’s hometown at that! They should know better.

  2. Given that the conference is for *young* analytic philosophers, 10 keynotes is simply daunting…

  3. The 10 keynote speakers might be a misreading of the website. In the German version Hörster, Kleinknecht, Sedmak, Ganthaler, Morscher, Roy and Gratzl are participants in the two workshops on Analytical Philosophy of Religion and Formal Ethics. However, I have not the slightest idea how a workshop with 3 or even 4 top dogs will actually work as a workshop.
    In Germany, only 18 % of all fulltime professors are women, and the percentage in philosophy departments is even lower. So unfortunately, I am not at all surprised by this list.

  4. the site says “plenarvortragende” (imo that seems like an austrian-german term to me; in german/-y it would mostly say “keynote” as well) and lists them as

    key-note-speakers : > Plenarvortragende:

    Prof. Dr. Carlos Ulises Moulines (LMU München)

    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schurz (Universität Düsseldorf)

    Prof. Dr. Hans Rott (Universität Regensburg)


    and then “workshop I, workshop II”

    a “public, no-fees-event” that is “men-speaking-only” ?!
    // oy-with-the-poodles //

    and sorry, do not know about their “academic quality” or “how young they are” neither like @Doktor D

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