New Delhi SlutWalk, late July?

I was rather happy to open the Toronto Star this morning and see plans in the works for a Delhi SlutWalk.

Few cities would seem to need a SlutWalk as much as New Delhi does. One quarter of all the rapes that occurred in India last year were reported in New Delhi. While 189 rape complaints were filed in the larger city of Mumbai in 2010, New Delhi had 489, up from 459 a year earlier, according to police statistics.

A survey commissioned last year by a human-rights group reported four out of five women in New Delhi said they had been verbally harassed.

Half had been stalked, and one-third were victims of physical assault.

It’s still routine practice for unmarried women here who claim they’ve been raped to be subjected to a so-called “finger test,” according to a recent Human Rights Watch report, to conclude whether the alleged victim was “habituated to sex” before being assaulted.


2 thoughts on “New Delhi SlutWalk, late July?

  1. Good for them! Hope it goes ok – imagine it must be much harder to do this for them than for those of us living in places like UK/US.

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