Tips other than not dressing slutty

Though FP mentioned this two years ago (and traced its origins in that previous post), the tips are again going around facebook, so I cannot resist.  I theorize that the DSK arrest and the media attention to the SlutWalks has many of us hungry for their repetition! (Thanks, Sheri Ross)

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

10 thoughts on “Tips other than not dressing slutty

  1. You might also be interested in this one. (I like the one you’ve posted, but find it a little limited because it makes a negative point. The one I’ve linked is sort of a positive alternative proposal. Of course, these points are compatible and reinforce each other!)

  2. Blast, I cannot seem to click on your hyperlink, Rachael. Could you post the URL into a new comment?

  3. It’s not complex, agreed, but I believe there’s a reason it grabs people (including me), and when it goes around in such a flash, I sense that this is because there’s a hunger for it. So I’ll let it stand as updated?

  4. profbigk, I always hope I am joking a bit. I’m sure it is not important. The somewhat odd thing is that the old post has fairly frequent visitors, so I’m wondering whether there’s a link, other than yours.

  5. thank you ! IMO this cannot be spread “wide & often” enough.

    it even made it to hollaback Berlin :

    rape culture/victim-blaming e.a. is much too rooted in societies – and even today = 21st century, public administrations are still publishing leaflets telling women how-tos “not to dress/behave …” etc.
    (e.g. ind Austria – german –

    simple message should be IMO “do not rape”.

  6. It’s not low-wit facebook humour – it’s an important message, and worth posting again for those who haven’t seen it yet :)

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