Cycling While Wearing a Skirt? Now there’s a crime

I hate how the US often protrays itself as the land where women can wear what they want, when they want, with no religious or moral rules getting in the way. Seems it’s not true when you’re riding a bike!

“When Jasmijn Rijcken, the general manager of the VANMOOF bicycle company, traveled from Amsterdam to New York in late April, she was excited to see what she’d heard described as a city that had embraced bicycling. It wasn’t NYC’s new protected bike lanes that defined her ride through the city, however, but the New York Police Department, currently in the midst of a major crackdown against cyclists.
Jasmijn Rijcken was stopped and almost ticketed by an NYPD officer for biking in a skirt. The officer said, was too distracting for drivers.
Rijcken was in town for the New Amsterdam Bike Show on April 30. After she had dismounted on Broadway in SoHo, an NYPD officer stopped, berated, and threatened to ticket Rijcken for wearing a skirt while cycling, which, it must be noted, is entirely legal and common. Rijcken says the officer told her that her skirt was dangerous because she would distract drivers and potentially cause them to crash.”

For the full story including a photo of the shocking outfit the cyclist was wearing go here.

Haven’t the NYPD ever ready the Copenhagen Cycle Chic website and admired the fashionable outfits women wear for riding in other parts of the world? (See their whole section on riding while wearing skirts and dresses.) Guess not.

Thanks CMacD.

15 thoughts on “Cycling While Wearing a Skirt? Now there’s a crime

  1. Um, so if I’m driving, notice a hot chick, ignore the road to ogle, and get into an accident as a result, it’s HER fault? Don’t exactly follow that logic.

  2. And now there is a protest ride,

    “Short Skirt Protest + Ride and Love the Broadway Bike Lane” this Thurs nite. Meet up Columbus Circle. Sass and class please
    As far as we can make out, the Short Skirt Protest will take place this Thursday at 7:00 pm. Ride starts at 7:30 pm.
    A sassy ride, sure. But it’s an important ride. Enough schmuck cops making up their own rules. Enough attacking the bicycle as transport for Citizen Cyclists in our cities. Enough Taliban-esque moralising about what people should wear on bicycles.
    If you’re in New York on Thursday, show up. Wear a skirt. Or a kilt if you like. This is fun but this is important.”

  3. ohno … I really appreciate your enlightening me on things I thought beyond … duh “truth IS stranger than fiction” as far as contemporary androcentric, heteronormative blegh is concerned.

    // am crawling back into my sex-positive-feminist-cave //

  4. To me this is very serious and very disturbing. Forget about the general issue of NYPD harassing cyclist (which is annoying on its own right). We have a cop telling women what to wear, and also suggesting that if drivers are distracted by what a woman wears it’s her fault. Is there no way to charge the offending cop with sexual harassment or discrimination?

  5. Why should it be anyone’s business if a woman (or a man, for that matter) rides a bike stark naked? Just so they carry a towel to sit on, that is, where someone else’s butt probably will be later. Hard to tote a concealed weapon, surely!
    Really, short shorts (hot pants) expose more butt than short skirts.

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