Congressional sex scandals are so manly

I don’t know if the NYT’s sources are right about all the answers, but it’s still entertaining to consider the arguments as to why women tend not to be involved in sexual scandals in American politics, compared to their male colleagues.  It made for good breakfast-table parlay at my house, anyway.  I did observe that there simply aren’t as many women in the Congress as there are men, but my partner observed, rightly, that even controlling for the disproportion, the difference is there.  For whatever reason, when we hear that a U.S. politician funneled money to pay for sex or twittered sexually explicit photos of genitalia, odds are it’s going to be a man.

8 thoughts on “Congressional sex scandals are so manly

  1. Regarding the specific issue of paying for sex, one reason why female politicians don’t do this is probably just that the infrastructure and tradition isn’t in place. There just aren’t that many male prostitutes out there, compared to the number of female prostitutes.

    I’d imagine the politics are lurking the background, too. American society seems to have a place for the “boys will be boys” attitude. I couldn’t even imagine a female version of Bill Clinton holding the presidency for more than a few days.

  2. Yes, the end of the article includes the comment from someone that Americans generally exhibit less tolerance of women’s sexual transgressions than men’s.

  3. One thing the article stresses is that the men in power can feel increasingly invincible and women don’t. Overall, women are in politics less for power and more for issues.

    I think the article is not trying to find immutable gender characteristics, btw. It’s about how things are.

  4. Matt, do you really think there are thousands of women who want a male prostitute but can’t get one because
    “there’s no infrastructure in place”? I think not. It’s incredibly easy to find gay male prostitutes. The reason you can’t find straight ones is that there’s no demand!

    I know this is politically incorrect, but unfortunately it’s also true: maybe women’s sexuality is different than that of men.

  5. Women are more skillful at hiding their sexual “sins” than men are, perhaps because the penalties for being caught are more severe, perhaps because they don’t feel the need to brag about their conquests: that is, they have no unconscious or semi-conscious need to show off their sexual exploits to others, as so many men do.

    On the average, men are much more childish about sex than women are.

  6. It’s not just skill at hiding sexual antics. The observations of those in politics, quoted in the article, are that men really do get up to more of them than do the women. It’s a difference in conduct, not just in getting caught.

  7. Frannie, I know plenty of women who would pay men for sex, but the biggest reason they don’t is that **it’s dangerous**. Physically dangerous. Not that they don’t want to.

  8. 1)Women are most capable of having healthy children when they are young (google birth defects maternal age.) Men are able to sire healthy children when OLD. Natural selection leads to men strongly preferring younger women and many women preferring older men. Nearly all Congressors are between old and really old (Weiner considered “young” at 47.) Few good sexual prospects for female Congressors. Excellent prospects everywhere for males.

    2))Ideal male mating strategy is: have lots of sex with as many fertile women as possible (Bill Clinton.) Ideal female mating strategy is: have sex with the best male possible because loser sperm enacts a heavy toll that the impregnated woman has to pay. Historically 80% of women and 40% of men reproduce. 60% of men have been “surplus males” unable to seal the deal. Approximately zero history of women having harems.

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