SWIP UK Panel at the Joint Session

Virginity as a Commodity
Emma C. Bullock, University of Birmingham

Forgiveness and Feeling
Crystal L’Hôte, Saint Michael’s College, Vermont (USA)

Intimate Materiality & Transgressing Gender Politics: Spinoza as Anonymous Translator for Margaret Askew Fell Fox
Christina Rawls, Duquesne University

The John Mayer Interview, or How to Start Dating Separately from your Dick
Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, University of Michigan

Full information can be found here.

One thought on “SWIP UK Panel at the Joint Session

  1. Looks great! I’d be particularly interested in the last presentation, on dating separately from your dick :)
    But seriously, it seems to me that one of the strong points of feminist philosophy is that it is one of the very few areas in philosophy where sexuality in general is discussed from a philosophical point of view. It needn’t be so, of course, but somehow mainstream philosophy has always ‘chosen’ to remain largely oblivious to the topic of sexuality, while feminist philosophers are not afraid of it. That doesn’t mean that all that is said within feminist philosophy on sexuality is to my liking (not a fan of Catherine MacKinnon, for example…), but that it is seen as a proper philosophical theme is terrific.

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