The worst places in the world to be a woman

The results of a Thomson Reuters Foundation global survey on the world’s most dangerous places to be a woman have been released. The survey was set up to mark the launch of TrustLaw, an organization which aims to provide free legal advice and assistance to women and women’s aid groups worldwide. The top five most dangerous places to be a woman, according to the results, are (in order): Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, Somalia.

The survey’s methodology is questionable — 213 “gender experts” from around the world were asked to evaluate overall “perception of risk” as well as specific risk factors. Still, it’s nice to see that research like this is being carried out (and that it’s getting some media attention).

The report from the study, available on the TrustLaw website, makes for chilling reading.

2 thoughts on “The worst places in the world to be a woman

  1. It’s really just a poll.

    I’d pick Somalia as #1, just because it’s probably the most dangerous place to be a human.

    I’m surprised that India is on the list. As with everything, the bad in India gets incredibly bad, while the good gets quite good. They’ve got bride-burnings for dowry and all sorts of high-profile female political leaders from Sonia Gandhi to Mamata Bannerjee. There’s sex trafficking on one hand, and my female cousins moving off the village to work lucrative IT jobs on the other.

  2. The methodology is a little more complicated than your standard “just a poll” (see, though not by much. Unfortunately, the results seem to be getting reported as much more like “research findings” than they are (e.g.,

    Interestingly, Maryan Qasim, Somalia’s minister for women’s development and family welfare has commented that she is surprised Somalia isn’t ranked first.

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