CFP: Homophobia (*Note deadline)

APA members, take note!  This cfp is especially easy to meet for those philosophers who have related work on the back burner.  Those of us who’ve written for APA Newsletters can attest that they are good homes for a pleasant combination of rigorous and yet conversational writing.

From Talia Better–

 The deadline for the Fall APA GLBTTQ Newsletter is fast approaching. We would like to devote the next letter to discussions of homophobia: what is it? What is the best way to think of it? How do we combat it? How does it intersect and interact with racism and sexism? How is it related to trans-phobia? Essays on practical confrontations with homophobia would also be welcome: what ways of combating it have worked in your experience? As this is an informal setting, it would be excellent if people would be willing to share ideas in development, unusual approaches to these questions, anything that would spark a good debate or some new thinking a topic of importance to us all. Please contact me at if you have any relevant work related to this topic. Although the deadline is actually July 1, I would welcome any thoughts or ideas by about July 15, and then we can work out details later.

 Also, any of you who have published articles or books on GLBTTQ themes in the past year, please forward along publication information and a short abstract so we can all see what you’ve done!


 William Wilkerson, Newsletter Editor

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