Imagine that!


The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has been fined $10,000 and ordered to pay one of its English professors $154,000 in lost wages and $200,000 in damages for emotional distress as part of a decision issued by the state’s antidiscrimination agency.

According to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, its June 1 decision in favor of LuLu Sun, associate professor of English, also includes the “unprecedented step’’ of ordering the university to promote Sun to full professor….

“School administrators … indulged in every presumption against her application for promotion while extending every benefit of the doubt to male candidates for promotion,’’ the MCAD said in a press release Wednesday, citing conclusions of hearing officer Betty Waxman.

Gosh, I thought we were supposed to think those days are well behind us.

One thought on “Imagine that!

  1. And now for the bad news. Look at this: A million and a half women in a sex discrimination class action suit against Walmart just lost in the Supreme Court. So one academic gets a fair shake–and that’s good. But the overwhelming majority of women are still stuck in boring, dead-end pink-collar jobs. Meanwhile women are slut-walking for feminism. I’m sickened. What can be more important than the work you do–or don’t do?

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