Open Call: Favorite feminist (pseudo-)philosopher?

Over at What We’re Doing About What It’s Like, we’ve posted the following:

This is an open call for others to affirm the work of those women in philosophy who write from a feminist perspective.  Who’s your favorite pseudophilosopher?

If you’re wondering at that last word, the explanation is partially supplied in the open call: The recent back-and-forth on the Smoker included a comment by a visitor reporting someone else’s perception  that feminist philosophy is pseudophilosophy

I’m disabling comments here since the call is over there.  But do feel free to affirm the contributions of a philosopher or two!

Pregnancy discrimination is on the rise

And there was already an awful lot of it. (That 30K per year figure is for the UK.)

Rosalind Bragg, director of the advice and campaigning group Maternity Action, says: “Before the crash, 30,000 women each year lost their jobs because of pregnancy discrimination. The situation has become much worse since the economic downturn. We see a lot of cases of pregnant women and women on maternity leave who are selected for redundancy because of their pregnancy.”

For more, go here.

(Thanks, Mr Jender!)