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Invisible Women, at Feministing June 24, 2011

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A truly invigorating post today by Susan Macaulay reminds me that we’re not alone in thinking that who you invite to speak, matters.

(I’m lifting this out of the pings on our GCC page, for those of you who need a boost.  Enjoy!)


2 Responses to “Invisible Women, at Feministing”

  1. Catarina Says:

    Great text, thanks for the pointer! I like this part in particular:

    “Topping the list of “to do’s” in my opinion, are: 1) improving women’s self esteem, and 2) convincing men that empowering women is as much to their benefit as it is to ours.”

    I couldn’t agree more, and in fact more and more I realize how important 1) really is.

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