Will Kansas law shut down last 3 abortion-providing clinics?

Whenever I’m getting an outpatient procedure, I always ask, is the janitor’s closet big enough?  Because if it is not, how can you safely provide medical services for women?  Via Huffpo:

According to some of the new clinic requirements, an abortion facility in Kansas must be set to a temperature between 68 and 73 degrees, have a janitor’s closet of at least 50 square feet and an operating room of 150 square feet, feature separate dressing rooms for staff and patients and have 13 different types of drugs on hand. A patient is now required to stay in the recovery room, which must have a temperature between 70 and 75 degrees, for at least two hours after her procedure, even if the procedure requires no anesthesia.

The requirements are so numerous and specific that it’s almost impossible for Kansas’ three abortion clinics to get up to speed by July 1, the licensing deadline. The Republican lawmakers who pushed for the bill insist that they aren’t aiming to shut down all of Kansas’ abortion clinics — but that they are just looking out for women’s health and safety.

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  1. […] Kinda shadenfroody … Let’s see it take $250k just to jump regulatory burdens in CA to open a hamburger joint, companies that want to startup building cars go to 3 wheels to avoid the high costs of regulation (see Aptera), and so on. All Democrat inspired regulatory burdens that are mostly useless, expensive and hampering real progress. But go ahead, get pissed if it applies to your pet projects.  […]

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