Striking teachers kill child

The Daily Mail sinks to new all-time low*:

A teenage girl was crushed to death by a falling tree branch as she sat on a park bench yesterday.

The 13-year-old, named locally as Sophie Howard, was out with friends on the day her school was closed because of nationwide industrial action…

The girl went to Sawtry Community College which was shut yesterday as thousands of teachers across the country went on strike.

One angry parent wrote on Twitter afterwards: ‘she should have been safe at school, she was just sat on a bench talking with friends….it could have been my daughter.’

*That’s false, actually. Pretty much everything I see in that despicable rag has me gasping in amazement at the colossal chutzpah of the arguments presented. Unfortunately, some punters seem to fall for it, going by the comments. *Face, palm*

2 thoughts on “Striking teachers kill child

  1. Sorry for such a belated response – only just seen this comment. Yes – the link was to the same article. I took the quote directly from it. The article has now clearly been modified to remove the implication that striking teachers killed the girl. I’d like to think this happened as a result of internet outrage!

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