2 thoughts on “Janet Echelman: a flow of ideas

  1. Loved this. Neater than Calder and F L Wright put together.

    There is wonderful irony in her doing what she did as a result of her paints getting lost: in the Bauhaus, women were soon restricted to only a few select craft arts, such as fiber arts (weaving). Painting lessons from Klee — not open to them.

    (p.s.: I realize that at first women were treated on par with men there — on principle. But this “principle” had to be abandoned because there were so many women who were interested! The principle of egalitarian attitudes towards women had been adopted under the assumption that there wouldn’t be too many women interested in applying to the school. Then it turned out that half the applicants were women. So something had to be done — and a special women’s curriculum and workshop was created. Not sure what principle was appealed to for that. )

  2. Anon, thanks! I knew women were restricted to crafts, but hadn’t understood the story behind it!

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