Another woman accuses DSK

French writer Tristane Banon has announced she is filing a lawsuit against Dominique Strauss-Kahn for attempted rape.  (DSK is apparently responding by filing a defamation countersuit.) One of the most striking things about this new development is the attitude toward public accusation expressed by Banon, particularly the fear that she would not be believed. She is quoted as saying:

“For me it has become unbearable. And today, to see Strauss-Kahn no sooner free than eating in a luxury restaurant with friends makes me ill. . .For once I want to have control over what is happening to me. I want to be heard because perhaps, finally, there’s a chance I will be listened to.”

She further explained her previous reluctance to come forward with a public accusation by saying:

“I didn’t want to be known to the end of my days as the girl who had a problem with the politician.”

So sad. So unsurprising.

The Guardian has more details of Banon’s comments here.