iPad Children’s Book designed to teach open-mindedness


When artist Raghava KK had two children, he decided it was time for a new approach to children’s books. That approach manifests itself in Pop It, a new children’s book for iPad that looks to teach open mindedness to toddlers.

The book, which is about things that little children do with their parents like take a bath, play or change clothes, is notable for its use of a homosexual couple as parents. However, its message comes in that those characters can be changed to a lesbian couple or a heterosexual couple upon shaking the iPad.

“It’s a metaphor for shaking from one perspective to another,” said Raghava in an interview with Mashable. “The relationship between parent and child does not change if they have two moms, two dads. I’m challenging the concept of family.”

Looking at the video, it seems like something kids would *really* love playing with, too.

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7 thoughts on “iPad Children’s Book designed to teach open-mindedness

  1. Lovely indeed. Many little things like this collectively over time can really bring about bigger change over successive generations, if not sooner within them. We need more things like this! (and more people willing to use these sorts of things rather than alternatives that reinforce the status quo). Often it seems many people do not realize how important such factors (both in themselves and in combination with similar/related factors over time) are to improving lives, social relations, and moving us toward good (egalitarian, fair, and more) social changes…

  2. On the other hand, having just glimpsed at the pinks on Angelina Ballerina, I want to make it clear that I’m not recommending any!

  3. I was just trying to decide about the I-Pad and if it would benefit the children in our family. I guess it will. Thanks for the article.

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