Better than Profumo? Or just wishful thinking?

Time magazine seems ready to help Cameron leave the government. I hope the British readers visiting here will get this all on the right track. Here’s Time:

David Cameron presented himself to British voters as the candidate of change. He certainly hasn’t let them down. The Prime Minister can claim personal responsibility for triggering a series of unexpected and convulsive changes to public life in Britain that have left Britons, in the words of one habitually understated government official, “gobsmacked and agog.” Over just two weeks, the turbulence has toppled Britain’s top cop and thrown London’s Metropolitan Police Service (widely known as the Met or Scotland Yard) into crisis, shuttered the nation’s biggest Sunday newspaper, led to the arrests of some of the most prominent names in journalism, revived the moribund career of Labour opposition leader Ed Miliband and shaken a global media empire to its foundations. And this is only the beginning as questions mount over the damage to Cameron’s own credibility.

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In case you are wondering about “Profumo,” wiki’s not bad on it.

3 thoughts on “Better than Profumo? Or just wishful thinking?

  1. Speaking of Profumo, where’s the sex? I though all the English scandals had sex in them. Surely that Brooks woman with all that flying red hair can supply some kind of sex element. :-) Just kidding !!!!

  2. Funny you should mention that. Apparently Brooks was offered the MPs’ expenses story, which was HUGE a little while back. She turned it down due to the lack of sex. Which is probably why she was so firmly convinced this scandal wasn’t going anywhere. None of them seemed to take even remotely seriously at first.

  3. Interesting, Jender. I was thinking there probably was sex involved, but given what Americans and the French are up to these days, it was just too pathetic to report.

    The pun was quasi-intended.

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